Best Party food menu

A party is incomplete without food and delights. But it’s always a great deal to provide the best menu. In most of the cases it’s always a problem managing the menu according to the price budget. In this article let’s find the best food menu for all sort of occasions.

Birthday Party;

In most of the cases birthday party is all about kids. Though chocolates and cakes brings a great soul to the occasion, you can also provide dishes like mini meat balls with garlic, onion and double coated cheese. Do not forget the peanut butter cookies with chocolate. Providing fruity lemonade can help you with a great profitable menu.

Beach Party;

When it comes to beach party it is incomplete without sea foods. You can prefer a good starter such as shrimp salad and roasted tender corn. You can also include baked potato to fill up your stomach. Lobster with mashed potatoes gives an exciting menu. If you are not bothered about the expense you can go with fresh cooked fish and smoked chicken with a cup of hot drink.

Wedding Party;

It is always better to spend good amount for food stuffs, because only a perfect party can give a complete and a satisfying end for a marriage. As always start with a vegetable salad with a preferable sauce! You can prefer grilled chicken or any meat. Smoked meat gives an exciting touch to the menu. If you are choosing wedding halls such as le crystal, they have their own signature dishes. It is better to choose these wedding halls because they have their own customizable barbeque to provide a perfect wedding party menu.

Some dishes to never to miss!

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Fried potato (To reduce the expense)
  • Vegetable salad
  • Fresh delights