Essential Check List for an Unforgettable Wedding

Organising a wedding requires a lot of dedication, effort and love. However, there are so many details and so many issues to solve that all the love in the world isn’t enough to make this task simple. There’s nothing more practical than a simple checklist with some essential things you will need to define during the preparations for your wedding. Simply check of each item as you complete it, to stay on track.

  • Number of guests

To begin, it is important to define the magnitude of the wedding. Whether you fancy a discreet and family and friends only event or something big and sumptuous, there are plenty of wedding venues Oxford offers which can cater for your needs. Initially, estimate how many people will go to the wedding, and later make a decision on the final number.

  • Budget

Having defined the number of guests, you can make a budget according to the type of ceremony, food, decoration and other elements you will have at the wedding. Get several quotes, to get an idea of prices, so that you can plan your budget and organise your finances according to it.

  • Reserve the church

Many churches are highly desired for weddings and may be reserved many months, even years, in advance. Choose the church that you want and reserve it for the day of your wedding, as early as possible.

  • The honeymoon

If you decide in advance the destination for your honeymoon, you can find great discounts on hotels and tickets and save a lot of money.

  • The wedding dress

It is important that you consider different bridal dresses and evaluate the ones that you consider most appropriate for your figure and your taste. Plan enough time to choose with ease the dress you really want, according to your preferences.

  • Music and sound

Live music will always be the best option to liven up your wedding, a simple band, or even a trio, can be an economic choice that will completely change the dynamic of your wedding. Make sure you have a good sound system that supports the musicians.

  • The menu

This item is extremely important, look for banquet houses with extensive experience, try and choose fresh and varied dishes, and try to make the food balanced and delicious.

  • The cake

Choose a cake that is according to the theme of the wedding; try as many flavours as you consider necessary until you decide on one that represents you both.

  • Photography and audiovisual material

Choose the photographer with care, because the photographs and videos will be the latent memory of your wedding day over the years to come.

  • The invitations

Choose, design and send the invitations for your wedding well in advance so that people who attend have time to schedule it. Ask for confirmation of attendance, and adjust your preparations accordingly.

This simple checklist will help facilitate your wedding preparations, help you keep track of essential items, and hopefully help you avoid overlooking anything important.