How to Plan the Perfect Party

Party planning doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow a few simple steps along the way. Whether you intend to self-host within your home or you’re thinking of hiring a venue, a methodical step by step planning strategy will work wonders for making your party one to remember.

Keep reading and we’ll show you exactly how the professionals structure their party planning to make the process as easy and as efficient as possible.

Pick the Venue

Your first step is in picking the right venue. You probably already have a theme in mind so this should be relatively simple.

Your home could be perfect if its big enough or if you have a suitable amount of garden space, but if not, there is bound to be several function halls in your local area which would be just as good.

If you do have a venue in mind, make sure you call in advance to make sure they can accommodate your plans.

Choose a Date and a Time

The date you choose will usually be determined by the reason for the party. Birthday parties are often best held on the date of the birthday if possible so this is what you should be aiming for. If it’s a children’s birthday party and it falls on a weekday, the weekend after is the next best option.

Once you have a date in mind, you should;

  • Run the date and time as well as potential venue past the people you intend to invite. The date will need to be suitable for them too if it is important they all attend.
  • You will also need to let your guests know exactly how long you intend the party to carry on for. A duration of 12 hours won’t be suitable for everyone.

Decide on a Theme

Your next step is to finalise the ideas for that theme you had in mind. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, you could choose a general theme such as witches, broomsticks and pumpkins – but if you’re a Twilight fan, maybe you would prefer vampires and werewolves instead.

Whatever you decide, here are some tips;

  • Your theme will need to be accessible to all your guests. There is no point in choosing a theme that will be difficult to comply with because there aren’t any fancy dress suppliers in the area.
  • Your theme should be something that you yourself can easily cater for. You’ll be decorating the venue and choosing the appropriate props so don’t go out of your way to impress if you’re going to struggle to deliver.

Commence the Preparations

You should now have thought of everything you’ll need. The only thing left to do is secure the venue, send out invites and make sure you have the food covered.

If your chosen venue is unavailable, consider hiring a marquee that can be placed in your back garden. Acting as an extension of your home, marquees are great for all occasions. Melbourne marquee hire is common throughout the year so you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding a local supplier. Make sure you ring around for a few different quotes.

Before you know it, the day of the party will have rolled around and you’ll be on your way to providing your guests with the experience of a lifetime.