Reputed source for finding the best writing contests

I used to waste a lot of time searching for free writing contests in this process, I came across many websites that listed writing contests but I was not happy with most of them. The reason is that they did not list the latest contests. They had outdated contests. I realized that going through those websites to be one of total waste of time and it was a frustrating experience too. I was not able to engage in any creative writing work after the tiring search.

At last after a lot of search I came across this writing contests website which listed all the latest contests. I was extremely happy to find all the latest contest in one place. The website was a very simple and easy to use website. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles. It may be a simple website but it has everything I needed. I do not get disappointed anymore clicking on dead contest links.

I could see that this website is updated regularly. Every week when I visit, I used to see new listings. Initially I thought these are fake listings but when I tested these contests I was surprized to notice that they are actually good listings and real contests with cash prizes.

The best part is that this website does not ask you to sign up for any account. There is no subscription or login. You can easily access these contests without any issues. All these contests are just a few clicks away. I have already participated in a number of contests and I have won in a couple of them.

Just because I have access to the latest contests, I have a lot of time to prepare on the contest themes. I am in a very advantageous position because I have access to the best contests for the writers in 2018. This website has painstakingly weeded out the bad ones and they have listed only the good contests. So many hours of my work is saved and all these come totally free of cost.

In terms of safety, I feel comfortable using this website. There is no need to worry about safety as no personal information is collected. They keep everything simple, easily accessible and user friendly. You can benefit too from these listings. With the help of this website I now get so many opportunities to showcase my work by submitting to the contests. Previously, all my time used to be spent in searching for the contests and very little time to actually work on them. Sometimes, I will find these contests only in the last minute as I did not have access to this website earlier. I wish I had found this website much earlier so that I would have saved a lot of time and accomplished much more. Any way I am happy that I managed to find this resource at least now. I am happy to recommend this website to anyone who is looking for reliable source for writing contests.