Scottish Weddings – Marry Anywhere!

For many people, the perfect wedding ceremony is still the traditional home church or kirk or other place of worship with the age-old litany familiar to their parents and grandparents.  Increasingly, though, many couples find that the best way to make their special day memorable and of real lasting significance is to make the ceremony relevant and truly personal, reflecting the essence of the two people involved and the commitment that they’re about to make to each other.

That’s one reason why Interfaith wedding ceremonies are becoming so popular.  Interfaith celebrants are committed to making the nuptial ceremony wholly personal and relevant to the two main participants; as unique and special as the couple themselves.   While Interfaith ceremonies can be carried out in a more traditional religious setting, there’s no limit to the time or location that can be chosen in Scotland.  Similarly the details of the ceremony, the music or readings or any other aspect of the celebration can be tailored specifically to reflect the personalities of the participants.

Scotland makes a wonderful venue for such an event.  Nor do you need to be a native Scot to feel truly inspired by the grandeur of the mountains and moors, or the peace and stillness of a beach at night or the ethereal, timeless presence of a ruined castle or kirk.  The choice of venue is all part of the decision making which will make the event totally about you – memorable and individual.

Jane Patmore is one such interfaith celebrant who lives and works in Scotland.  Though based near Edinburgh, she can conduct ceremonies almost anywhere in Scotland.  She makes a special point of meeting with the couple to explore with them the details of words, music and symbolism which will combine to ensure that the ceremony, whether religious, humanist or somewhere between the two, will contribute to a perfect wedding day: one which will be totally unique and focussed on the most important people involved – the two whose lives are about to come together in this, the most meaningful of ways.

Scotland is a beautiful country with lochs, castles, hotels or the traditional church providing a wide range of options to choose from for your special day.  If you choose to marry in the great outdoors, then make sure you plan for either sun or rain.  With a little imagination and forward planning, you will be able to organise a beautiful day regardless of the weather.