Six Qualities of an Excellent Wedding Planner

You are probably at the stage of debating on whether or not to hire a wedding planner. To help you make the decision a bit easier, we put together a list of what makes a great wedding planner.


When it comes to weddings, there will be a mix of emotions, nerve-wracking decisions and complicated logistics. An excellent wedding planner is capable of managing every challenge with confidence. His clients and vendor partners will be looking to him as their leader and will be depending on him to make the hard calls in case they cannot. Those who plan a wedding in Dubai make sure of himself and the situation to lead his team no matter how things go.

Ability to Communicate with Clients

Usually, the bride and groom and their families are not aware of what they want. Sometimes, even if they know what they want, they just cannot express it. A good wedding planner decodes what his clients say or do to broaden their thoughts and apply them to the planning. He is certainly a good mind reader

Problem-Solving Skills

During a wedding, problem solving is a long road with a lot of detours and potholes. It is imperative to think through, under and around an issue to find a solution to it under pressure. Everything from putting on the shoes to the feet of the bride to manipulating the wedding day timeline is part of a wedding planner’s adventures. And all these require great problem-solving skills.


A wedding planner needs creativity for the event’s aesthetics and logistics. From creating a unique favor to trying to identify how to tell a bride her budget is not enough for the cordials bar without making her feel upset, a wedding planner needs to find ways for all wedding aspects.

Ability to Manage his Own Schedule

A good wedding planner is always able to manage his time. His clients can expect that their wedding plans are dealt with on time. The ability to manage his own schedule allows the planner to manage his clients’ own schedule.

Ability to Manage Finances

A wedding planner knows how to maximize your budget to the fullest. He can look for the best venues to spend your money and manages your budget like it is his. Budget management is necessary and a wedding planner plays an important role to make things happen for your wedding based on how much you can afford.