Wedding Planning Ideas in Chicago Illinois

Wedding is a special day in the life of each and every couple. That is why, when you’re planning your wedding, you want the best for your wedding so that your special day is immortalised forever. These days, the work involved in planning a wedding is so vast that either you have to divide the work among different people or you have to think about hiring a wedding planner. Pre-wedding party ideas are important as well with the hiring of beautiful exotic dancers to dance for a bachelor party. To really enjoy your wedding you have no other option but to hire a wedding planning. If you’re looking for a wedding planner in Chicago, we have the list of best wedding planners.

Prepare also for the Pre Wedding Party Ideas

Plan your bachelorette and bachelor party with specialized party planners to direct you the most professional and classy Chicago strippers. Putting on this traditional novelty show is very burlesque and something that is innocent and fun to enjoy. Remember this has been a tradition to most brides and grooms. Its fun for all guests and doesn’t need to be frowned upon given the entertaining part of these performances. Magic Mike and Demi Moore type shows make it more popular as well.

1. Premier WED:

If you’re looking for the customized wedding packages, then it does not get any better than this. The owner of the wedding planning agency is also a designer named Dawn Schenkel. They offer various customized packages depending on your budget and the type of the functions which you want to organize and also if you want to plan your honeymoon as well including the destination as well as the hotels and other travel arrangements, they would be able to get it done for you as well.

2. North Shore Weddings:

If budget is not an issue when you’re planning your wedding, you can consult North Shore weddings as they plan some of the most elegant weddings across the country. They provide you with a free consultation so that you are able to understand their concepts and discuss with them your requirements as well. When you finally hire them for your wedding, they would be providing you with the exact timeline which would be followed in making your wedding arrangements and thus you would know at each and every point, what is the status of your wedding arrangements?

3. City Girl Weddings:

If you only need some consultation with a particular part of the wedding, then this wedding planner is one of the best options because you can even hire them on hourly basis as well instead of just hiring them for the entire wedding. This ensures that if you’re just stuck at a particular part of the wedding, you can get that sorted as well.

The initial consultation is completely free and thereby, you can get a quotation quite easily.

So, when you’re looking for wedding planning ideas in Chicago, these are the 3 wedding planners to which you should be heading to.